MOD30 Standard

Full Composite Construction

Made from CNC machined carbon fiber and other composites by our team.

This wheel is made as if it was going into a real car. In fact we are ready for the opportunity to arise.

Sam Maxwell Design

Originally designed by Sam Maxwell and upgraded by SimSpeedShop,

This wheel sets the blueprint for all GT sim racing wheels today.

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  • Standard 70mm Bolt Pattern
  • 8x Momentary Push Buttons
  • 2x Rotary Encoders
  • 2x SMC Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters
  • 6x M5x45mm bolts
  • 1x Coiled USB Cable 1'
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What wheel bases are supported?

Wheel Bases are limited the wheel base bolt pattern. Check the Specs tab to find out which bolt pattern this wheel uses.

If your wheel base does not have a compatible pattern you will need to purchase an adapter, located in the Accessories Category

What Simulators Are compatible?

The buttons are registered as a game controller, so any sim that allows the use of game controllers is compatible.

If the wheel has a screen or led telemetry, IRacing Is Supported.

How does the wheel connect?

Our wheels are either USB, or bluetooth connected.

Does the wheel come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited warranty, and free tech support for our products.

Please read our Policy/Terms pages.

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