Sam Maxwell Customs

Continuing Sam Maxwells Legacy

Many of you know Sam Maxwell or perhaps you knew his company Sax Maxwell Customs(SMC). His developments in Sim racing hardware helped bring it to the exciting place its at today. If you've wondered where he or SMC went, or perhaps you already know that Sam begun retiring in 2019.

Before Sam finalized his retirement, He got together with Jason Eisenhauer and set on a path for SimSpeedShop to acquire SMC and continue Sams work with the help of Zander Foster.

Early 2021
Jason & Zander took a trip to visit Sam at his house where he taught them his design workflow, manufacturing methods, and taught them important skills he had learned. At the end of the trip Sam had given them the Important insight into the skill and dedication involved.

SimSpeedShop is finally ready to offer the same services SMC provided. We will continue to offer Sams original designs. In addition we will provide new updates to his original designs, as well as engineering brand new products with the same or higher quality SMC provided.

Sam Maxwell continues to consult with us on various projects and still assist in manufactuing from time to time.

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