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SKU: If-1

This is your basic iFLAG displaying your iRacing flags.

64 8x8 LED lights

USB included

Mounting holes for hard mounts

File download for easy installation


Due to the Covid shipping restrictions and discontinued parts our assembly costs have risen significantly.  We have made every effort to keep our costs down but at this point there isn't anyway to keep the costs where they were in early 2020.  I regret having to raise the iFLAG price but it's an unfortunate necessity.  SimSpeedShop prides itself on offering the sim racing community quality products at a resonable price.  The current pricing reflects our costs & assembly time only.



Download & Setup

1. Download iFlag

2. Extract iFlag ZIP folder

3. Run iFlag.exe

4. Plug in iFlag via USB

5. Initialize iFlag under options

6. Run demo mode to verify that it's working

7. Get on the track!!!

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