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P2T v2 Limited Edition MPI

P2T v2 Limited Edition MPI

$79.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price

(3) white 12mm buttons are housed in an heavy duty 50mm x 50mm Hammond box with an orange color coded spacer.  Immerse yourself with the feel of Push to Talk buttons right from spoke of your wheel.  The P2T v2 can be mapped in the sim for any function available as well as TeamSpeak.

- (3) Single Function 12mm Push Buttons

- 3M 2-Way Tape on Back

- Velcro Strap

- Plug & Play


Avalable Options:

- Coiled USB Mini Right Angle - The MAX stretch length about 5 feet, No stretch length about 1 foot.


    Orders will begin to ship July 5th.

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