SKU: MSA1

    Buttons are housed in an all aluminum black powder coated box and face plate giving you the true look, feel and sound of flipping switches from behind the wheel.  The Speedster-A is 4.7 inches tall by 3.9 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.



    - This is racing Hardware!

    - DSD PCB

    - Igintion toggle with black extension

    - Starter toggle with red extension

    - 3 (On) Off (On) return to center toggles

    - Two direction rotary dial with detents

    - Two direction SSS Brake Bias dial with detents

    - 2 single function 16 mm red push buttons

    - 2 single function mini push buttons

    - USB connection port

    - Plug & Play


    This box is designed with the VR racer in mind but ideal for anyone looking for a small powerful box.  The layout is very easy to remember and navigate one handed while not being able to see it.  You will pick up time and spots in the pits.

    Please note the images on this page & gallary are our deisgned products and for referrance only.  Your actual box may vary slightly.