Brake Bias Stand Alone
  • Brake Bias Stand Alone

    CTS encoder housed in an heavy duty 50mm x 50mm Hammond box.  Immerse yourself with the feel and function of a mounted brake bias.  The CTS Encoder will key up with left and right turns as well as act as a momentary push button when pressed (ideal for promting "In Car Adjustments" when adjusting your Brake Bias).


    - Three Function CTS Encoder

    - Custom Color Brake Bias Dial

    - Custom Color Spacer

    - 3M 2-Way Tape on Back

    - Velcro Strap

    - Plug & Play

    - USB 3ft


    Avalable Options:

    - 6ft USB

    - Custom Spacer Red, White, Blue, Orange, Black

    - Red, White, Blue, Orange, Black Brake Bias Dial

      $79.00 Regular Price
      $69.00Sale Price
      Spacer Color
      Brake Bias Color