How does this connect to my computer?

Most boxes connect via a single USB connection.

If the box has add ons such as a Rev light, led bar, dashboard screen, etc. You may need additional usb ports refer to the addons documentation.

Custom designs may also use alternate connectors.

Supported Sims & Games

The Boxes function as a USB game controller.

Any simulator, or game that supports custom mapped controls should work with our boxes.

If the box has custom features such as Screens, LED's, or Software Defined Functions, please refer to documentation or contact us.

Is this compatible with my Rig?

Our boxes work with most rigs. We offer alternative mounting solutions for various rigs.

Please refer to the documentation for measurements if your rig is not explicitly listed Contact Us and we will assist you.

Is my operating system supported?

Windows 10 & 11

*Software/Firmware was developed on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Linux may require additional configuration to work, depending on distribution.

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